Pratt & Whitney, Levett Engineering Continue Partnership in Australia for the F135 Engine and F-35 Lightning II

Wednesday, 25 February 2015, Defence Teaming Centre News

Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE: UTX), has issued a purchase order with Levett Engineering for the manufacture of critical F135 engine components.

This purchase order is for manufacturing development and delivery of F135 engine main bearing housings, supports, and oil flow manifolds for the worldwide engine fleet.

Levett Engineering, a precision component manufacturer located in Elizabeth, South Australia, has been supplying second and third stage turbine vane transfer tubes for the F135 engine since 2009. The current purchase order doubles the number of components beings supplied by Levett to Pratt & Whitney.

“Levett competed and succeeded on a global stage at providing a best value manufacturing solution for the F135 engine and the F-35 program,” said Howie Chandler, vice president, Military Engines, Business Development at Pratt & Whitney. “This purchase order underscores Pratt & Whitney’s commitment to Australian F135 industrial participation.”