In 1989, Paul Levett changed the engineering landscape by launching his own company, Levett Engineering.

Paul Levett had established his credentials in the Weapons Research Establishment (Dept of Defence), and his extensive experience in precision engineering would form the foundations of his new enterprise.

The Levett brand grew quickly along with its talented team, outgrowing three commercial premises within a decade.

Today, Levett Engineering is Australian privately owned by CPE Capital. For further information visit cpecapital.com

In 2021, the company relocated to the current site, a 6000 square metres premises, at Lions Gate Elizabeth, South Australia.

Our philosophy is based on trust, integrity, honesty and a genuine desire to build strategic partnerships with our customers and suppliers.


Levett Engineering conforms to international Quality Standards for all aerospace, defence and commercially manufactured components and is ITAR compliant*.

In addition to its exacting operational benchmarks, the Levett name is renowned throughout the engineering industry for its product quality, integrity and value.

With its reputation as a preferred employer, Levett Engineering employs the highest skilled craftsmen with an unwavering commitment to product quality and on-time delivery. The team uses state-of-the-art high performance equipment from the world’s leading suppliers to produce machined components.

Component manufacturing for defence aviation, aerospace, aeronautical and electrical engineering is considered the pinnacle of advanced manufacturing and an industry of the future. As a leader and key investor in this field, Levett Engineering is committed to helping transform and diversify South Australia into an export focused advanced manufacturing state.

*Levett Engineering conforms to the AS9100 Rev D Quality Standard for aerospace and defence manufactured components with ITAR compliance. The company also conforms to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards as a minimum for all customer requirements.