Proven Precision

Manufacturing components for ophthalmic devices and equipment requires exceptional precision, a clean factory environment and remarkable attention to detail – it is these standards for which Levett Engineering has become internationally renowned. Not surprisingly, many of the elements Levett Engineering manufacture, such as high precision housings for lens mountings, are used on ophthalmic equipment around the world.

Levett Engineering delivers to its clients in this field the highest quality product in a consistently timely manner, a testament to our world class specialist staff and proven processes.

Adopting New Skills

Partner arrangements utilising the expertise of world recognised Australian Universities bring the latest capability in the fields of Ultrasonic Machining for super exotic materials and 3D Printing of difficult shapes and materials found in the medical / optical field.

Levett Engineering supplies and manufacture medical /optical components for the following industries:

  • Optical Laser Systems
  • Medical Laser Systems