Since its inception in 1989, Levett Engineering has grown its reputation as a global leader in the manufacturing of electronic enclosures. Levett Engineering lists amongst it’s clients global specialists in the electronics industry. Such is our company’s commitment to precision engineering, unique material treatments and conditions demanded by our customers that these requirements have become standard practice for our technical engineering staff.

Levett Engineering’s drive to master advanced technologies has underpinned our extensive involvement in the field of Vacuum Brazing of aluminium components – components that are used predominantly in the field of aerospace electronics.

Fine tolerance machining of pre-brazed parts is carried out on our state-of-the-art high precision machine tools by specialist staff. The post-brazed parts are returned to our machine shop for precise and complex finishing operations.

Our Customers for Electronic Enclosures include :

  • BAE Systems UK
  • L3Harris
  • TAE – Australia